Lords and Ladies Hair Salon in Conyers, GA

      Lords & Ladies Hair Salon is dedicated to providing peace, harmony, and well-being in celebration of the men and women we serve, whom we refer to as “Lords & Ladies”. Our vision as professionals is to better serve our clients with creativity, confidence, and class.

      Our goal is to make you look and feel your best! We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the top notch sew-ins, cuts, colors, relaxers, locks, twists, braids and other hair services, along with the highest quality of customer service.

      If you are looking for a top notch salon that can give you that celebrity look at an affordable and fair price, Lords & Ladies Hair Salon is the place for you.

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Lords and Ladies Business Hours

Tuesday-Friday 10am - 7pm | Saturday 9am - 6pm
Conyers GA hair salon, Lords & Ladies

Lords and Ladies Hair Salon Stylist Team
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